The High School Affiliated to Shanghai University

Hope of the Principal

  This is a beautiful school with friendly learning atmosphere. In this school, there are lawns, pavilions and wide paths which lead to every corner of the school. In this school, there are students, young, vigorous and ambitious; there are teachers, diligent, decent and modest. “To learn to be. To learn to study.” is our motto and what we are following, so we will present our noble personality and wisdom through our courtesy and dedication, and show the plainness and deliberation through our virtue and talent.
  How fast the time is flying on and on. When we look back, we recall how we established this school. It was sternly hard, but we persisted with our ideal. Today, however, our school is vigorous, thriving, and above all, innovative. Let’s gather all the power from history. With that power, we shall achieve more glorious triumph in the future. I wish all of us love our motherland, and love our school. I wish everyone in our school will work with diligence and search the truth so that we can pursue our excellence and joy with a peaceful heart and live a colorful life with our great contribution to the course of education!



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